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MARKSS , is a well established pharmaceutical company in Sri Lanka representing some of the prestigious multinational healthcare conglomerates. We are actively involved in the importation, distribution & promotion of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, Bio-Medical and Surgical products and is a Member of the Sri Lanka Chamber of Pharmaceutical Industry. The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka and the International Chamber of Commerce  Sri Lanka. We provide a highly integrated professional service to global pharmaceutical manufacturers seeking to market their products in Sri Lanka. MARKSS Healthcare conforms to all the regulatory requirements and has implemented frequently updated quality management systems as per the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) and ISO Certification of the Sri Lanka Institute of Standards.


MARKSS Healthcare is the partner of choice for global pharmaceutical and healthcare companies seeking to enter and grow their business in the Sri Lankan market. At MARKSS, we continuously invest in improving our infrastructure, systems, processes, and people, in order to ensure the highest degree of satisfaction to all our stakeholders. Our highly professional compliance based services include timely in-house drug evaluation and registration with the Ministry of Health, total management of the supply chain, market research, and island-wide marketing/distribution. We effectively provide a platform for accessing global innovation and ensuring successful reach within and beyond the boundaries of Sri Lanka for healthcare manufacturers and suppliers.


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Sourcing life-enhancing healthcare and medical products from reputed     International  Pharmaceutical Companies

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SAP-based highly integrated total Supply Chain Management facilitating and monitoring the entire process from the  manufacturer to the end user

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