About Us


MARKSS HLC (Pvt) Ltd is a diversified healthcare organization specialized in the manufacturing, procurement, storage, marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals, Nutraceutical, Bio Medical and Surgical Products under the brand name Markss Healthcare.

MARKSS innovative pharmaceutical product portfolio includes niche critical care products in Oncology, Nephrology and Rheumatology therapeutic segments, while making a significant marketshare in the overall General Healthcare market category. Our existing product portfolio was built to address unmet medical needs in the industry and enabled the company not only to gain a sound market share but also to help patients gain access to the much-needed medications. Currently we are engaged in establishing an extensive range of globally sourced pharmaceuticals, surgical items & devices. We import high quality products from internationally acclaimed manufacturers across the globe with approvals from WHO, USFDA, UK MHRA and with PIC’s GMP


With a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals, who strive to improve the quality of life of the fellow citizens, MARKSS enjoy one of the fastest business growth rates in the industry. Our innovative business model and efficient commercialization reach is built by successful and respected industry leaders with strong local and international track records. Further, all departments of Markss follow comprehensive SOPs to carry out all operations efficiently. Our team possesses significant competencies in the areas of regulatory, medical, management and marketing capabilities acquired through years of experience in local & international healthcare industries. The team is also well-connected to a wide range of partners and key stakeholders in and out of the region, and offers a flexible approach to joint-ventures and partnerships.

This integrated and unique strategy of regional expertise coupled with a strong international network, position Markss as the regional partner-of-choice for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other healthcare companies seeking access to the rapidly expanding markets of Sri Lanka & South Asia.


To be the admired healthcare company in the country by 2030 with the reputation for impressive inventory management & patient centered-operations.



Achieve the highest degree of employee satisfaction.


Achieve the highest satisfaction with all our current and future principles.


Achieve the highest quality in services to Doctors, Pharmacists and distributors.


Carry out all our business activities in an admired and ethical framework whilst enhancing our corporate image.


Achieve the highest admiration by officials of the health ministry and earn the highest degree of regard and acceptance from all other government officials and stakeholders.


Achieve the best financial stability whilst meeting all established KPIs ensuring best corporate governance.


Be a partner of sustainable development of the society engaging in most admired corporate social responsibility activities.


Be a reliable & partner of choice for international pharmaceutical manufacturers.



We are committed to introducing high quality and innovative products that enhance the lives of our patients. We strive to provide services that are exceptional and exceed expectations.



We recognize that leading with a vision is where the road to success begins. We are determined to lead new standards in the pharmaceutical & medical care industry in Sri Lanka.


Initiating & building mutually beneficial strategic partnerships & collaborations with national & international entities for more enhanced products & services.


Performing with integrity is a key part of our foundation. We operate in a sound and ethical manner, complying with applicable laws, regulations and according to our internal code of conduct.




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