Services #2


With the expertise of our experienced team comprising pharmacists, legal and regulatory specialists we offer a comprehensive regulatory affairs service,. The service covers all aspects of compliance with Sri Lankan law related to the importation and distribution of pharmaceutical, diagnostic, scientific, medical, and emergency and nutraceutical products.

Services include:

  • Providing guidance to Principals in the preparation of company /product registration dossiers
  • Carrying out preliminary evaluations of dossiers before submitting the dossier to the health ministry authority (NMRA)
  • Submitting dossiers and closely monitors company/product registration
  • Registration of products with regulatory authorities;
  • Carry out internal compliance base audits


Our professionally qualified and committed marketing team is well capable of handling product promotions and launching of new products in the correct market segments effectively as our network with the key opinion leaders and relevant stakeholders are very healthy and effective. Company’s promotional team covers approximately 1500 island wide doctors on a weekly / monthly cycle.

Our existing broad client base is reflective of our simple yet effective approach to marketing. We have developed a good understanding of the type of campaigns that are successful, which are in particular applied as part of our service to support and add value to manufacturers.


Our ISO 9001:2015 Certified main storage complex is conveniently located in the heart of Colombo City, within the Hospital Square, where all leading government and private hospitals are situated. MARKSS ‘State of the Art’ product storage facility together with cool rooms for storing medicines at required temperatures, provide the right storage conditions, whilst paving the way for effective distribution of products. The storing facility is constantly monitored by the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) Officials as well as Quality Assurance Representatives from Leading Multinational Companies.
Our fully regulated facilities can cater to all types of storage, such as:
  • Ambient (up to 25°c)
  • Chill (2-8°c)
  • Controlled Drugs (CD’s) & hazardous drugs
  • Medical sample storage
Further, the storage system is equipped with a ‘State of the Art’ 24-hour temperature monitoring devices, with an in-built alarm system to ensure that the consistency of the required temperature is maintained.


We offer our Partners a single point of entry, flexible business model and rapid market access delivered by our experienced team of professionals. In addition, we execute strategies in a manner that is consistent with the highest ethical and compliance standards. We have an island-widecoverage of our products with well over 20 established distribution centers located in all parts of the country. Our trained, highly motivated, skilled distribution team visit over 3000 Island wide Chemists/Hospitals and Supermarkets.For all pharmaceutical products that require cold chain distribution, we use vehicles that provide constant temperature monitoring once they leave our premises.



Our IT Engineers ensure all Company’s transactions are captured real time online and that the necessary feedback controls are met on time. Our comprehensive IT network is supported by the following systems:
Sales Force Automation (SFA) System, which automates business tasks, such as inventory control, sales processing and tracking of customer interactions, as well as analyzing sales forecasts and performance of the Sales Promotional Team.
SAP Business One is especially well known for its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Data Management Programs. SAP is an acronym for Systems, Applications and Products. SAP’s ERP system enables companies to run their business processes such as accounting, sales, production, human resources and marketing, in an integrated environment. The integration ensures that information is stored in a centralized server without redundant data entry, thereby helping to enforce financial processes and legal control. SAP’s ERP system also facilitates effective utilization of resources.
Medical Representatives Information System (MRIS) is a web based real-time solution that does a seamless replication of the marketing representative’s daily routine, by recording all required information of the Executive while he is visiting the given route. This results in increased productivity, convenience, efficiency and responsiveness. Further, it provides a company actionable business insight to effectively manage and improve its marketing and promotional activities. This being an on-device application allows for greater security and the supporting backend system that ensure the seamless function of the back-office.

MARKSS HLC is the 1st and only pharmaceutical company to introduce an online ordering App (OO APP) based on the requirements of the Pharmaceutical Industry for its stakeholders.

This APP is designed to deliver a seemingly smooth internal supply chain process without any manual intervention, whereas the Customers can place orders, track their orders and receive items effortlessly as the APP is connected with Customers, Distributors as well as the Headquarters of MARKSS.

OO APP will be immensely beneficial to customers and the MARKS family by offering an exceptional customer experience by making it simple to order and receive items.

This App also has integrated the SFA / SAP as well as the Customer.

Since it was integrated with the cloud-based system, there is no need to reach out to the customer to get the orders. It will also share the current and updated status with stakeholders.

MARKSS has adapted the next level of state-of-the-art digital technology the modern MiHCM which is a core HR and talent management system.

By implementing this user-friendly HR platform, MARKSS has increased the efficiency of coordination between employees, the HR department, and The Management as it is designed to deepen visibility into the workforce, develop the employees, source the best talent and optimize the overall HR process objectives that are barely achievable with fundamentally obsolete legacy systems.

MiHCM solution also delivers superior multi-channel employee experiences while delivering real-time analytics of MARKSS’s entire workforce to management as well as Employees at MARKSS can complete their key HR tasks from anywhere, anytime on their preferred device.

MARKSS HR systems and processes have transformed MARKSS into a true Digital and eco-friendly work environment.

  • Providing real-time access to product, doctor, chemist and marketing material to the medical representative
  • Improving interaction with the medical professional through access to real time marketing information or video based sample demonstrations
  • Comprehensive real-time performance metrics enables better monitoring ofpromotional activities and competitor activities
  • Repetitive data input elimination as data entered on the mobile device by the MRis immediately added to the database and reports are instantly created.
  • GPS based location tracking for better decision making and monitoring
  • Real-time connectivity from mobile application allows automatic update of centralserver (Head Office) enabling workflows and reporting to be carried out seamlessly.
  • Increased efficiency of medical reps
  • Superior technological design, real-time information transmission through mobile communication technologies (HSDPA, 3G, EDGE and GPRS)
  • Providing Collaboration among the Medical Reps, Doctors, Pharmacists and Influencers
  • Helping company to monitor the “demand drive” for their products
  • Monitoring Rep compliance to company plans
  • Tracking field activities on a daily basis and associated expenses
  • Building a database of related information and drive MIS to augment decision making
  • Reducing the administrative overhead of the Rep creating manual reports to be sent to head office



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